Trials and Tribulations of Cloning SSDs

SSD is a solution to technology of hard drive which does away with moving parts from the normal hard drive then replaces such with the flash memory. This flash memory is just like one found in memory cards. For the past years SSDs have being so synonymous when it comes to storage performance and it […]

New Demands from Digital Forensics in 2019

digital forensics 2019

In 2018, there’s increased demand for digital forensics. Some of the factors that have been hailed to contribute to this increased demand include the ever-growing cases of cyber attacks on enterprise infrastructure, the extensive use of IoT -Internet of Things devices, and the stringent regulations put in place. Based on the 2017 Digital Forensics growth […]

New uses for Digital Forensics in Law Enforcement

Cybercrime is a growing problem as it increases exponentially requiring the need for digital forensics expertise also to grow adjacently. There are numerous law enforcement agencies such as FBI, local police force and many other entities who rely on digital forensics to catch criminals. Digital forensics is rapidly becoming demanding in various areas of criminal […]

5 Methods for Erasing Personal Data from Storage Media

With so many of our devices going online these days, chances are that too much of your confidential information might land in the wrong hands. It’s vital that you keep any sensitive information from the wrong hands. Otherwise, the results can be devastating. However, when disposing of an old computer, tablet, or storage device, many […]

Demands in digital forensics

Digital forensics describes investigating and interpreting electronic data. Several key players characterize the digital forensic market. Some of the most recognized vital players in the digital forensic market include Oxygen Forensics, FireEye, Access Data, PerkinElmer Inc., guidance software. The digital forensic market is expected to grow to 6.95 dollars with time from 3.08 dollars in […]

5 Ways that Digital Forensics Helps to Reduce Crime

Crime has been around since the beginning of time. But with the advancements in computers and the internet crime has taken on a whole new form. Cyber crimes are happening around the globe at record levels. Thankfully the men and women of law enforcement are taking steps to combat this growing threat. Below we are […]

10 Key Players in the Digital Forensic Field

Digital forensics refers to the recovery and investigation on content in digital devices such as cell phones and computers. Advancement in technology has its advantages and challenges and thus the need for tech-savvy experts. This expertise helps to counter cases of cybercrime and retrieval of crucial information especially to help settle law cases. The following […]